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libQGLViewer is a C++ library based on Qt that eases the creation of OpenGL 3D viewers.

It provides some of the typical 3D viewer functionalities, such as the possibility to move the camera using the mouse, which lacks in most of the other APIs. Other features include mouse manipulated frames, interpolated keyFrames, object selection, stereo display, screenshot saving and much more. It can be used by OpenGL beginners as well as to create complex applications, being fully customizable and easy to extend.

Based on the Qt toolkit, it compiles on any architecture (Unix-Linux, Mac, Windows). Full reference documentation and many examples are provided. libQGLViewer does not display 3D scenes in various formats, but it can be the base for the coding of such a viewer.

libQGLViewer uses dual licensing: it is freely available under the terms of the GNU-GPL license for open source software development, while commercial applications can apply for a commercial license.

Getting started

Latest changes

Feb 12th, 2014
Version 2.5.1
New binding methods changes.
Qt 3 no longer supported.
Include dependencies cleaned-up.
Revolve around point is set to point under cursor, or reset to scene center if there is no point.
Dec 19th, 2013
Version 2.5.0
New mouse binding methods.
Nov 17th, 2013
Version 2.4.1
Using update() instead of updateGL() for smoother updates.
Projection and modelView matrix computation is cached for improved performance.
May 25th, 2013
Version 2.4.0
libQGLViewer is now compatible with Qt 5 (as well as Qt 4 and Qt3).
Source code is available on github.

This project is referenced by the FSF, FreshMeat, Savannah, Freecode, Kde-apps and Qt-Apps.

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